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DSA uses the MLA format for writing bibliographies.  For a simple MLA 8th edition guideline used at DSA click here, and for 7th edition click here.   For MLA bibliography slips (8th ed.) click here, and for 7th edition click hereFor help with MLA 8 refer to this guide

Ms. Roohi will happily edit your bibliography if you share it with her on Google Docs or email it to her.

Online citation generators are wonderful tools, but they are frequently incomplete and inaccurate.  For this reason you should be familiar with what a standard bibliography looks like so you can review EACH bibliography entry that the citation generator creates.
Places to find free or limited rights material to use for educational purposes
  • Search Google images for free and reduced licenses: search something in Google > click on images > click on tools (under search box) > usage rights > click the category you want
  • Pixabay is a good website for copyright free images
  • Omnimusic is a service subscribed to by DCSD. Log on here
  • YouTube has free music for it's creators if you're logged into your account
  • Creative Commons share, collaborate, remix, reuse 
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