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2018 School Profile

DeKalb County School District DeKalb School of the Arts (DSA) 
1192 Clarendon Avenue Avondale Estates, GA 30002  
#75 Top High School National Ranking – US News & World Report  
#2 in Georgia High Schools #17 Top Magnet School Ranking – US News & World Report ? 2015 
Advanced Placement Access, Equity, and Achievement Honor’s School
#5 Georgia CCRPI Ranking
5Star GA Climate Rating 

The mission of the DeKalb School of the Arts is to provide the highest quality education possible through academics and the arts. To achieve this goal, DSA provides each student with a comprehensive education inclusive of special knowledge and experience in the arts and develops the discipline, appreciation and achievement necessary for student’s academic, professional and personal goals. In addition to a full complement of academic subjects, students are offered drama, dance, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, video technology, creative writing, and technical theater. A large number of students participate in the gifted and advanced placement programs of study. After touching the lives of over 1000 students for 14 years as the DeKalb Center for Performing Arts (DCPA) at Avondale High School, this magnet program was expanded to a stand-alone high school in 1999. In 2009, the program returned to its first campus, but in now the only program on site. DSA’s current enrollment is 410 students in grades 8-12. 

For acceptance into the school, students must have a cumulative GPA of 80%, no grade lower than 71, and meet promotion requirements for certain classes. Students must audition in two arts disciplines, interview with the faculty and submit a total of four written recommendations from teachers (two arts and two academic). Students must maintain the admission requirements to remain in the program. In addition, students are required to earn a minimum of two production credits a year. It is a rigorous and demanding program. Auditions are held for fall placement only. The graduates of DCPA and DSA have matriculated at NYU, Parsons School of Design, Stanford, Boston University, College of Wooster, Hampton University, North Carolina School of the Arts, University of Georgia, Morehouse College, Georgia Tech, Bard College, Fordham University, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Florida State University, Dartmouth, Spelman, Oberlin, etc. Each year, students generate large amounts of scholarships for their post-secondary education. 

2017-2018 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: 24.94% 
2018 Graduation Rate: (new cohort graduation calculation): 96% 
2018-2019 Advanced Placement Course Offerings (Eleven): 1. Calculus AB 2. Statistics 3. English Language 4. English Literature 5. Environmental Science 6. World History 7. US History 8. Macroeconomics/Microeconomics 9. Psychology 10. Music Theory 11. Studio Drawing DeKalb School of the Arts 
DSA ENROLLMENT BY ETHNICITY Black White Asian Hispanic Bi-Racial 13% 53% 30% 4%
DSA ENROLLMENT BY GENDER Female Male  78% 22%  
SAT SCORE PROFILE - 2018 GRADUATES 800-990 1000-1190 1200-1390 1400-1600 16% 34% 38% 12% 1% 0% 24% 50% 21% 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 700-800 600-390 500-590 400-490 300-390 
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