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DeKalb School of the Arts

Dekalb County Schools

Helpful Tips for the DSA Registration Process

Helpful Tips for the DeKalb School of the Arts Registration Process
Parents, please complete the following steps for students accepted to attend DeKalb School of the Arts:
  • Step 1: Accept your seat
  • Step 2: Review the important information included in your notification from School Choice
  • Step 3: If your child is a current DeKalb County School District student, his/her enrollment will be transferred to DSA
  • Step 4: If your child is new to DCSDyou must 
    • complete the Online Registration application HERE 
    • Upload all required documents, including your School Choice acceptance letter.  This will ensure the enrollment and scheduling processes can be completed promptly by DSA.
  • Continue to check our website for updates and helpful information. 
If you have any additional questions, feel free to EMAIL the registrar, Ms. Lanton, or call her at 678-676-2506.
Now that you're enrolled at DSA
Parents should contact our registrar, Ms. Lanton, for assistance via EMAIL for the following concerns:
  • Address Updates
  • Parent Portal
  • Withdrawals
If parents are experiencing online registration issues, they should contact the central registration office at 678/676-0998 or EMAIL them.

In order to update addresses, we need a current proof of residency that includes the following:
  • Lease Agreement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Utility Bill (Gas, Light or Water)
  • Proof has to be within the past 30 days
Infinite Campus

 Listed below are the instructions for parents to create a parent portal account on Infinite Campus:
  • Log on to the DEKALB SCHOOLS website.
  • Click on the INFINITE CAMPUS icon
  • A window will open stating if you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key.  Click on that 
  • Enter your 32 digit activation key listed.  Note that it is NOT case sensitive
  • Finally, you will create a username and password and can then sign into your account
  • HERE are some more detailed instructions
Parents can now update their student's information in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. To do this:
  • Log into your parent portal account
  • Click on the 3 lines in the top left corner
  • Click on the "More" tab located at the bottom left of that page
  • Click on Annual Verification
  • Click on Existing Student Registration
  • The data for your child should populate
  • You should be able to update / change / enter your child's new information 
  • When you are done, click submit
Parents need to have the 32-digit GUID number or Activation code to create a Campus Portal account. Parents can retrieve their Activation code online via the Portal Login screen.  Click on the "DCSDPortal Account Activation" link under the District Announcements. Ms. Lanton can provide activation codes as well.