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Welcome to Mrs. Madden's DSA Home Page

I am excited to be joining you on this journey I like to call “the MATH PARTY” and I hope that you will not only ENJOY the journey but be ENRICHED by it.

My contact info:
Vanessa Madden
[email protected]
678-883-2248 (you can leave me a voicemail or send me a text at this number)
Classes I teach:
Coordinate Algebra
Analytic Geometry
Accelerated Coordinate Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Accelerated Analytic Geometry and Advanced Algebra

My motto: The only STUPID question is the one you DON’T ask!

So I INVITE you to ask all the questions you have! If you don’t understand, tell me! I am here to help you understand. So here are the ways you can ask me a question:
****In class (raise your hand, ask before or after class, stay after school, write it on a sticky note and stick it on me...??)
****By email
****By phone

My point is (if you haven’t already figured it out, right?)...PLEASE don’t hesitate to get your question to me! HELP ME HELP YOU!

What systems will we use:

Google Classroom - ALL assignments and assessments will be retrieved and turned in here (AKA...our main party room where all the good stuff is served up!)

Verge - your “official party invitation” and always your “go to” or back-up if other systems don’t work ( alternative in case our main party room gets raided!)

My classwork/homework philosophy: MISTAKES ARE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GREATNESS!!
Do your best but don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake or don’t understand. Thomas Edison didn’t FAIL 2000 times making a light bulb...he found 2000 ways NOT to make a light bulb! Therefore, please attempt all independent work on your own prior to the review. It will make the review better for you if you have given it a try first! ~ Nothing beats failure to the ground but a TRY!!


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