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Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment is a wonderful opportunity for students to obtain college credits while still in high school. Essentially, they receive DUAL credit: one credit at both the high school and college levels for an accepted course.  On the high school side, these courses are weighted as an AP course would be.  
At DSA, students take advantage of this opportunity during the summer because the arts schedule does not necessarily allow for students to be able to leave campus and go to the college.  Additionally, online coursework does not afford students the opportunities that face to face classrooms do.  An upwards of THREE college courses will be allowed and funded.
Students should complete the following steps in order to participate in Dual Enrollment:
  1. Identify a college they are interested in attending
  2. Search that college/university site for Dual Enrollment criteria
  3. Apply using that college/university's platform for applying (i.e. Comm App, Coalition, etc.) BEFORE THE SUMMER DEADLINE
  4. Take the SAT/ACT/or acceptable entrance exam
  5. Complete the Parent/Student Participation Agreement Form
    1. Participation Agreement: Georgia State University - Perimeter College (most commonly used)
    2.  Participation Agreement - General:
  6. Once accepted, meet with Dr. Morgan regarding potential coursework and so she can complete her part of the Agreement, which includes your schedule.  This meeting should be scheduled prior to Spring Break. Please email her at to schedule your meeting.   
  7. Submit the completed form to the college (preferably in person).
  8. If course is taken, ensure that DSA receives your official transcript from the college!   

Remember, students are creating their college transcript while still in high school.  These grades will have to be reported to any future college or university to which the student applies!

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